Group Swim Lessons

All instuctors are trained in YMCA Swim Lessons.

Group lessons are run in six week sessions that include a thirty minute lesson each week. If you would like to attend twice a week, register for two sessions. To register, first choose the age level, then choose the class level. There will be a registration link for each combination of age and swim levels. If you have any questions on classes, please contact Mikaela at If you need help registering, please visit the front desk. 

  • Y Member/$50
  • Nonmember/$82

Lesson Selector

Program Overview


  • Water Discovery/Exploration (ages 6 months – 2years)
  • Preschool (ages 3-5)
  • School Age (ages 6-12)

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Cost: $50-member, $82 nonmember

Summer swim lessons will be 3x a week for 2 weeks, kids learn to swim faster when lessons are closer together! Lessons will meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Visit our website to choose the correct class for your child and available times.

Cost: $50 per child Members/ $82 per child Non-member

4:15 pm-4:45 pm

5:00 pm-5:30 pm

Preschool Water Acclimation Level 1

Water Discovery

School Age Water Movement Level 2

Preschool/School Age Water Stamina Level 3

School Age Water Acclimation Level 1

School Age Stroke Intro/Development Level 4/5

Preschool Water Movement Level 2

Preschool Water Movement Level 2

Water Discovery/Exploration

This class is designed for children 6months- 2 years with an adult in the water. This class requires one parent to be in the water. This allows for parents to bond with their child while teaching them a new skill, to witness their growth firsthand, and to learn ways to help infants acclimate to the water.


Level 1: Water Acclimation

This class allows for children to acclimate to the water.  It is theperfect starting point for any child with fear or hesitation near water. This class is meant for beginners and will help them feel more comfortable in the water and teach them the basics of learning how to swim. We recommend this to anyone new to swim lessons.


Level 2: Water Movement

This class teaches children how to start moving throughout the water and become more comfortable with it. This class is for kids who already know some basic swimming skills but need practice perfecting them. This class is also for children who are gaining the self confidence needed to swim without assistance.

Level 3:Water Stamina

This class is for kids that can swim on their own some but need practice to build up their endurance for swimming longer distances. In this class, kids already are comfortable putting their face in the water and swimming some distance without assistance.


Level 4: Stroke Introduction

This class is for kids who can swim at least 25yds (the length of the pool) without assistance. The child should be able to swim confidently on their own with some rotary breathing and be able to demonstrate front and back stroke. In this class, children will learn the basics of all six strokes.


Level 5: Stroke Development

This class is for kids who can swim at least 50yds and has knowledge of all six strokes. In this class kids will work on developing the strokes they have a basic idea on. It will focus on giving a more in-depth training on each stroke and developing endurance to increase distance for each one.


Level 6: Stroke Mechanics

This class is for kids who are ready for swim team level and want extra practice. We will focus on specific techniques and drills to improve their strokes.

Spanish Swim Lessons

We are currently registering for Spanish swim lessons! Spanish swim lessons are offered for most levels and are currently taking place during ESL classes on Mondays from 6:30pm – 7:00pm. 

Private Swim Lessons


Private lessons are designed for adults learning to swim, adults looking for training or workouts in the water, and children who learn better with individualized instruction. Private lessons may also be suitable for children that need a level which is not currently being taught as a group lesson.

Sold by lesson or in 6 or 12 lesson packages. 

Single Lesson Pricing

  • Y Member/$20
  • Nonmember/$35

Six Session Pricing

  • Y Member/$90
  • Nonmember/$158

Twelve Session Pricing

  • Y Member/$180
  • Nonmember/$308