MAY 2022

Member of the Month

Terry Crisp

Employee of the Month

Carolyn Gore

Please congratulate Terry Crisp, our May member of the month! Terry is another one of our members who have been with us since our doors opened in July. Terry participates in may of the different programs that the Y has to offer. Her favorite being the YMCA group exercise classes. A fun fact about Terry is that she loves shopping! Terry decided to join the Y because her previous gym had closed. She wasn’t sure about the drive at first but now she is hooked! Her love for the Y is so strong that she can be found within the facility almost every day! The next time you see Terry enjoying a class, please congratulate her on her success! 


Carolyn is a very valuable YMCA employee. She is a Silver Sneakers instructor who is passionate about her           participants! Not only does she love being an instructor but she loves the comradery of her groups. Carolyn has been working at the Y since  July of 2021. She had been a Silver Sneakers instructor for 10 years prior to joining the YMCA family. A fun fact about Carolyn is that she has two pet turtles named Tom and Jerry. Another interesting fact is that she turns to her secret addiction of Lay’s potato chips when she is in need of extra comfort.  Though chips bring her comfort, she is who brings comfort to all of the Silver Sneakers participants. Carolyn loves being a part of the YMCA just as we love having her! She is truly and asset to our Y family! Congratulations and thank you Carolyn, for all that you do!

APRIL 2022

Member of the Month

Abby O'Connor

Employee of the Month

Teejay Ramsey

Abby has been a member of the Shelby County YMCA since we opened in July of 2021! Below is her written testimonial of what the YMCA means to her and her family.


“The Shelby County YMCA has been such a wonderful addition to our community. Personally, I have been able to focus on strength training with exceptional equipment in a supportive, welcoming environment. Aside from making improvements in my physical health, the friendships and connections I have made with others in the community have been just as beneficial to my mental health.  Being able to get a great workout in while developing friendships with people I may have never crossed paths with, has been extremely meaningful.  The YMCA youth programs have given my children opportunities to try new sports, attend special events like the Daddy Daughter night, and meet other children in the child watch. We look forward to signing up for upcoming sports, family, and camp activities. Our family is so grateful to have the YMCA as a place to spend time together, stay active, and make new connections in our community!”

Please congratulate Abby on this Success!


Teejay is a very valuable aquatics employee. She is an    excellent swim instructor who is very passionate about the importance of swim lessons. She also is a beloved  water fitness instructor and teaches Aqua Challenge and gives a great workout each time. Finally, Teejay recently became lifeguard certified specifically to help the aquatics department with giving breaks. Teejay has been working at the Y since August of 2021. Her favorite part of working at the YMCA is that there is something here for her entire family. She said “I love swimming and was so excited when I found out we were building a YMCA so close to home. I wanted to get involved in programs so that the YMCA was part of our daily life.” A fun fact about Teejay is that when she was only 14 years old, she swam NINE miles for a summer camp challenge! Overall, Teejay is such an asset to the Y! She is always seen smiling and spreading her positivity. Teejay truly embodies the mission of the YMCA!  Congratulations and thank you Teejay, for all that you do!


MARCH 2022

Member of the Month

Mary Kaster

Employee of the Month

David Green

Please congratulate Mary Kaster, our March Member of the Month! Mary is another one of our members who have been with us since our doors opened in July!  Mary participates in a lot of different programs that the Y offers!  She loves swimming, the dance class, Silver Sneakers classes, and the staff who work here! A fun fact about Mary is she loves life! She enjoys getting to be around people, to help others, and seeing people smile. Mary decided to join the Y due to some health issues she began having and wanted to address them by working out. She feels better than she has for a long time! The next time you see Mary enjoying a class or program, please tell her congratulations!


Please congratulate our Employee of the Month, David Green! David has been at the Y for 6 months. His favorite part about the YMCA is the clean, friendly atmosphere with activities that are available for all ages! A fun fact about David is he shaves his head to look younger, he isn’t actually bald! David was asked during pre-sale if he would like to become a certified spin instructor but he declined. Shortly after our facility opened and he was able to get to know the staff, he knew he wanted to become a part of this organization! Please congratulate David on this amazing accomplishment!


Member of the Month

Trina Clements

Trina has been a YMCA member since right after we opened in August 2021! She has always been a water person and was very excited to have a pool only a half mile away from her house! She is looking forward to spending her early retirement at the Y! Trina is an avid water fitness participant. She takes nearly all of our water fitness classes and averages 14 hours per week in the water! Trina is a true joy in class; always smiling and singing along to the music during class. She says that her favorite part about the YMCA is the staff, she says “Haven’t met a bad one yet! All are very friendly!” A fun fact about Trina is that she has flown to   Disney World on Walt Disney’s private plane! Congratulations Trina!

Employee of the Month

Shonda Miller

Employee of the Month

Hailey Siegal Gonzalez

Congratulations is in order for our February Employee of the Month, Shonda Miller! Shonda has been with the Shelby County YMCA since before we opened and helped us with our Pre-Sale! Her favorite part of working at the Y is meeting all of our wonderful staff and members who walk in the door. A fun fact about Shonda is she has a “slight” shoe obsession and owns about 150 pairs! Shonda  decided to apply to work at the Y after her son decided to go to grad school at Texas A & M. Please congratulate Shonda on this amazing accomplishment!


Please congratulate our second Employee of the Month, Hailey! Hailey has also been with the Shelby County YMCA since day 1. She is a Wellness Advisor and a Group Exercise Instructor. Hailey’s favorite part of the Y is the community and people, it always brightens her day! When she applied, she was happy to learn that the Y was a Christian and family based organization! A fun fact about Hailey is Trato de hablar español y me encanta poder comunicarme con la increíble comunidad hispana, incluida mi increíble media naranja. Ay y naranja es mi color favorito.  Tengo cinco hijos y tres nacieron en febrero, ¡así que es un gran mes para mí! Please congratulate Hailey on this accomplishment the next time you see her!


Member of the Month

Ron Burwell
"Steady Eddie"

Picture of Ron Burwell

Employee of the Month

Brad Bishop

Please meet Ron, our January member of the month!

Ron has been coming to the Shelby County YMCA since    August of 2021. His favorite part about the YMCA is the how the staff brings brightness and positivity to the facility! Ron has been active for most of his life but has always hoped for a YMCA in the community. Once this facility opened, he jumped on the opportunity to join! A fun fact about Ron is that he loves to play tennis and his nickname is “Steady Eddie!” We are so grateful to have you as part of our Y family! Please congratulate Ron the next time you see him around!

Please congratulate Brad for being our employee of the month of the month!

In the short time that we have been open, Brad has worked his way up to be our Wellness Coordinator! He works with our Wellness Advisors and members to ensure they have all their questions answered about any workout equipment! Brad has been with the YMCA for 9 years. A fun fact about Brad is he is a retired pro wrestler! The next time you see Brad, thank and congratulate him on this amazing success! The Y and our members appreciate all you do Brad!


Member of the Month

Gil Whitten

Employee of the Month

Heath McIntire

Please meet our December Member of the Month, Gil!

Gil has been coming to the Shelby County YMCA since the beginning of August. Gil loves coming to the YMCA and sharing his experiences with the YMCA staff and members. His favorite part is the staff and all the help that they give him and others! Gil decided he needed to start utilizing the YMCA to keep his good health up. Whenever Gil isn’t at the YMCA, he goes out to local nursing homes and plays music for the elderly! Their group is called the “Over the Hill Gang!” Reach out and congratulate Gil on this amazing achievement the next time you see him in the YMCA!



Please congratulate Heath for being our Employee of the Month for December!

Heath works as one of our Front Desk staff and interacts with everyone who comes through the door. He has been with the YMCA for 5 months. Heath decided to get involved with the YMCA because he loves the Y mission and he wants to help people accomplish their health & wellness goals. A fun fact about Heath is he has a shoe obsession! The next time you see Heath, thank and congratulate him on this accomplishment! We appreciate all you do Heath!


Member of the Month

Mike Garrison

Employee of the Month

Tiffany Sullivan

Please meet our November Member of the Month, Mike!

Mike has been coming to the Shelby County YMCA every, single day since we opened. November 2nd, will mark his 100th day! Before the YMCA opened, he had never been to a fitness center. Mike has been a walker for 20 years but he has always wanted someplace to walk in the winter. His favorite part about the YMCA is walking the track. He has now started to incorporate some machines as well! Mike always comes in smiling and makes new friends every day. He loves the impact the YMCA has made on him by being able to meet so many new people of all ages We love having you here Mike!

Meet Tiffany, our November employee of the month! 

Tiffany started working in Child Watch when we opened in July! She has an amazing work ethic and is a great asset to our team. Tiffany is always up for picking up extra shifts and helping out any way that she can!    Tiffany decided at a young age she wanted to work with children due to having 4 younger siblings! She has been working in child care for almost 16 years, she   decided that the YMCA was a great place to continue this journey! While there are many things Tiffany enjoys about the Shelby County YMCA, her favorite is being able to meet new people. Please congratulate and thank Tiffany for all her hard work the next time you see her!


Member of the Month

Rhonda Hill

Employee of the Month

Alfonso Andolz

Meet our first-ever member of the month, Rhonda!

Rhonda grew up in Shelbyville and was a nurse for many years. She has two grown sons, 4 grandkids, and she has also fostered/rescued many dogs and currently has a dog named Pia. Rhonda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and then later developed metastatic cancer and also brain stem necrosis due to treatments. She is still fighting, after 19 years. Her favorite part of the YMCA is the pool. She says “the pool has made a huge difference in my abilities. My overall mobility has improved and ability to transfer has improved. I probably won’t ever be able to not need a wheelchair or upright walker but feel safer and steadier as exercise in the pool.” Rhonda waited anxiously for two years for our pool to be built and came in on opening day with her very supportive mother- Jan Curry. Rhonda and Jan come to the pool frequently and practice therapy. They also enjoy coming with the whole family and playing together in the pool. We are so thrilled to hear of the difference the Y has made for Rhonda and her family. Congratulations!

Meet our first-ever employee of the month, Alfonso!

Alfonso Andolz is an aquatics employee and works both as a lifeguard and as a swim instructor. Although he has another full-time job, he is very dedicated to the YMCA and helps as much as possible. Alfonso consistently supports his co-workers by picking up shifts or helping with coverage. He also helps as a handy-man and occasionally fixes things around the pool area. Soon, Alfonso will lead our Spanish Swim lessons program. Basically, Alfonso can be depended upon for helping with any needs in the pool. He is especially very passionate about the importance of learning to swim and excels at teaching lessons. He is a huge asset to the aquatics department and fully deserves this recognition and the honor of being the first Shelby County YMCA employee of the month!